Welcome to our Help & Support section, this area is designed to answer any questions you may have regarding salon visits and the hair and beauty industry standards 

  • What should I look for when choosing a hair or beauty salon?

    When choosing a hair or beauty salon it is good practice to check they are registered with HMRC, carrying adequate insurance, and hold qualifications for the treatments that they are offering.

    All salons listed on Salon Rated are pre screened and hold both insurance and qualifications.

    It is also best practice to ask the therapist/stylist what treatments services they carry out the most, this will indicate an area in which they specialise and this should ensure you get what you want from the service or treatment you are paying for.

  • Is the industry regulated?

    The hair and beauty industry is not currently regulated, however it is something which professional bodies such as British Beauty Council are working towards.

    You can keep up to date with the progress of this via  British Beauty Council website.

  • Is it statutory for salons to carry insurance?

    Yes, it is a requirement that insurance is carried by salons, however some salons do not always follow the guidelines.

    Salon Rated pre screen all salons listed on the Salon Rated website and ensure they hold valid insurance and certification at the time of submitting their listing.

  • What should I do if I have an allergic reaction?

    It is recommended that a patch test is carried out prior to certain treatments/services however patch testing will not always protect you for against an allergy/reaction.

    If you have a reaction it is best practice to contact your hair or beauty professional whom will advise accordingly.

    It is also recommended that if the reaction continues to contact you local GP or Walk in Centre.

    Some treatments do not require patch testing, patch testing requirements are set by the manufacture of the product.

  • I have had a bad experience who can I discuss it with?

    At times we receive a service that leaves us feeling a little disheartened or let down.

    Our advice would be to reach out to the salon initially.

    Often by simply explaining your disappointment will allow the professional to rectify the issue.

    Constructive feedback will allow the salon to make necessary changes.

    Remember many salons are independently owned and leaving a bad review can be detrimental to their trade.

    Often discretionary conversations can lead to much better results.

  • I’ve had a good experience where should I share it?

    A good experience should be shared, often salons have social media pages where you can leave reviews however we are traditional and love the idea of compliments being shared via email or even better a hand written thank you note.

    Being a beauty professional can be hard work and tiring, little unexpected praise can be so well received.

  • I want to start doing my own beauty treatments what brands do you recommend?

    We do not recommend carrying out professional standard hair and beauty treatments at home, many of the chemicals involved can be harmful.

    Hair and beauty professionals train for years to master their skills this should be respected.

  • I received a bad service am I entitled to a refund?

    When paying for a service you are often paying for the time of the service provider and this cannot be given back, therefore services are not refundable.

    We recommend always putting yourself in the shoes of the professional before taking action.

    How could they have done the service better?

    Have you paid enough to justify the service you expected?

    If you are unhappy with a service we would recommend discreetly speaking with the service provider to discuss your concerns as often they can be resolved.

  • I am international can I list my business on Salon Rated?

    We are not currently adding international salons to the site.

    You can however register your interest with our team and when this becomes available we will contact you.

    Register via – hello@salonrated.com

  • Where can I find the Salon Rated Hub?

    The Salon Rated Hub can be found on Facebook.

    The Hub is named ‘Official Salon Rated Hub’.

    Once you request to join, the team will review your request as only members of Salon Rated can join the hub.

For more information on professional hair & beauty standards you can contact the following organisations: