Complaints About A Member

If you are unhappy with the treatment or service you have received from Salon Rated Member you should follow the following steps –

1. Understand your legal rights

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 (England and Wales) says:

If a service was not provided with reasonable care and skill or as agreed, the service provider must put things right within a reasonable time and at their own cost.

2. Raise the issue with the salon

The best option is to raise the issue whilst you are still in the premises. Otherwise make contact as soon as possible after your appointment.

Don’t go somewhere else to have things put right as the salon will need to see how things were left at the end of your appointment.

Ask to speak privately to the person who deals with complaints and explain calmly why you are not 100% happy.

A reputable salon will be keen to put things right. They may:

1 – Redo all or part of the service.

2 – Offer a full or partial refund.

3 – Pay for you to have things put right somewhere else – but the cost of this must be reasonable.

3. Unresolved

If you cannot come to an agreement about how to solve the complaint, your next step will be alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

If you wish to discuss your issue with the Salon Rated team you can do this by contacting our dedicated team who will remain impartial and offer advice. Please contact the team via –