Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Promoting Salon Services

It is no secret that for the past few years that there has been a considerable increase in concern with beauty procedures such as nails, eyelashes, eyebrows and more and how they are promoted, especially on social media, and how it affects people’s mental health and self-esteem as well as body dysmorphic disorder.

Recently a report was done online by the UK’s Health and Social Care Select Committee which recommended that the UK Government should work with the beauty industry to encourage professionals to not edit beauty/aesthetic images and if these images are digitally altered then a logo should be added and that beauty professionals need to utilize social media properly when advertising their services.

As this is a really sensitive subject and requires a good approach, as well as the world of social media and how it can be really overwhelming, we’ve put together some of our top tips for beauty professionals to promote their treatments and services on social media.

Do have a USP: Make sure to have something that helps you and your services stand out on social media and make sure that you stand for something. Try to establish some clear marketing goals that you’d like to meet using social media.

Do have a target audience: The marketing phrase “speak to everyone and nobody will hear you” is true. Picture your ideal audience and whom you want to reach. When creating your social media content have this ideal audience at the forefront of your mind.

Do engage and be social: Social media platforms reward accounts that interact and engage with their followers. Communicating back with your customers and fans shows good customer service and that you take your business seriously. Make sure all your engagement is relevant and genuine, people can spot a spammer from a mile away!

Do be consistent: We believe that when posting on social media that consistency is key. Not only does it show the effort you’re putting into your treatments and your social media presence but also your legitimacy. We would recommend posting every three days minimum and finding a good balance between posting regularly, but not spamming.

Do some video content: Prioritise and push your reels and TikToks. Instagram and TikTok are the two fastest-growing platforms and are both really pushing video content with Facebook Reels on the rise as well as live videos. Think about how you can adapt your content to match these growing trends and algorithms to boost your content and your business.

Do be diverse: Don’t just stick to one or two social media platforms. Get on platforms like Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. Using different platforms doesn’t mean you need completely different content for each one, you can recycle content but remember to upload them organically to the platforms for the best outcome.

Don’t compare: Try not to compare yourself to other beauty professionals that you see on social media platforms. Everyone is on their own journey and sometimes it can be hard to remember. Be authentic and show your personality in your content, do things your own way.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Please don’t think that you can do everything yourself, nobody expects you to be a marketing or social media professional. If you’re ever stuck on ideas or with any of your content to promote yourself ask for help.

Don’t edit your photos: Avoid editing your photos. They’re more than likely beautiful enough without having a filter or after being heavily photo-shopped. If you edit your photos too much this becomes really unethical and can be harmful to your business and affect current and future clients.