How to Video Market your Salon

There is no denying that video marketing, whether this is Reels, TikTok, Lives or YouTube, has become a huge way to get your business in the public eye within the past few years. Thanks to these social media platforms, video content has boomed and is now a huge way for businesses to drive engagement.

Most businesses find the idea of video marketing terrifying. But you don’t need fancy equipment or transitions to still produce an Insta-worthy video for your business, all you need are some quality ideas and a decent smartphone and the videos will make themselves.

We’d recommend that your videos are high quality (apparently nobody has grainy videos in this era!) and we’d also recommend investing in a handy tripod to capture still videos. This way you can also work with different angles and it will save a lot of time editing. And luckily in this day and age, you don’t need any fancy software to edit your videos, most editing can be done through Instagram and TikTok themselves.

If you’re worried that your space isn’t beautiful enough to be videoed, don’t worry too much. The actual content of the video is the most important thing! There’s no perfect setting or strategy for shooting videos for your salon.

Here we have listed some of our favourite video marketing ideas to give you that confidence boost to get you going.

Tutorials & Tips
Remember that you are the expert, you know your trade which means you will have your own tips and tricks up your sleeve! Share some simple and fun ones with your community online in videos.

Product Demos
Product demos are really important and believe it or not, people do like learning how things work. This could be something as simple as Cuticle Balm, demonstrating how to apply it, when to apply it, the ingredients used etc. When product demos are done well, this can also prove to be another way to sell!

Live Q&A Sessions
Live polls and question-and-answer sessions are a really good way to listen to your community directly as well as interact with potential new clients and customers. Some salons host live videos with different members of their staff and some salons do this by simply physically answering their most popular FAQs.