How to Reduce Client No-Shows and Last Minute Cancellations

Encouraging your team to build strong relationships with your clients will reduce no-shows because it will increase your client’s commitment to the salon and staff, once there is a relationship established, your clients won’t want to let you down.

Remind your clients about their appointments with things like appointment cards, text messages and phone calls. Although this does take time and money, in the long term it’s helpful for profit and making sure you utilise all of your appointment slots.

Have a clear policy
Write a polite but firm policy and display it on your salon website, social media channels, treatment menu and appointment cards. Most salons send reminders 48 hours prior and say that a fee will be incurred if a cancellation happens within 24 hours.

Respect the client’s time
Show your clients that you value their time by making sure your employees are on time, by not rescheduling appointments unless you have to and by thanking clients who arrive on time. If you respect your client’s time, they will respect yours.