How to Prepare your Salon for Christmas

The festive season is the busiest time of year! And you want to ensure you’re ahead of the game so that it’s not as overwhelming for you.

Preparing your salon in advance will help your business thrive, your staff thrive, and your clients happy.

Here are a few ways to help make this season as stress-free as possible…

Have your bookings in advance
The very first thing you want to do to get your salon ready for Christmas is to promote your bookings and your Christmas opening times to your clients. This means that your calendar will be fixed and safe and your clients will be happy knowing that they’ll get spoilt by you before Christmas!
Make sure that you also have your cancellation and no-show policies firmly in place, to avoid wasted time and loss of money.

Decorate your salon
Let’s not forget the all-important festive decorations! This doesn’t mean that you have to decorate your space to the tens, but adding a few festive touches here and there will really make a difference.

Stock products
Making sure that all of your products are in stock is key. If you’re not properly stocked then this can have a terrible impact on your business. To ensure that you are meeting all of your client’s needs during the festive period you need to be prepared that you have more products than you need. We recommend analysing your inventory and calculating how many products you need.
*Pssst, this also means making sure that you have more than enough retail products too! You will be selling a lot around this time of year.

Motivate your salon staff
Christmas is always challenging due to just how busy it gets so it’s important that you make sure that your staff are happy and motivated. Whether this is incentives or team building, ensure to communicate these to your staff members and that they feel valued and appreciated at work.

Treat your loyal clients
Building a loyal customer base is essential for all businesses for financial security. We’d recommend rewarding your most loyal clients with things like incentives, discounts, or even little gifts to show them that you appreciate their loyalty.