How to Increase your Salon’s Retail Sales

When selling retail items in your salon there are often objections regarding clients not wanting to buy products after having just paid for beauty treatments and there is a stigma against this in the industry with professionals not wanting to look like pushy salespeople.

The truth is that looking into selling retail products in your salon can really boost your revenue stream and help create a lively salon atmosphere.

But what is the best way of selling retail items in a salon without having them sit on an untouched table in the corner or without looking like a pushy salesperson?

Make your retail items inviting
To make sales, you need to make sure that your retail items are on point. An effective place to display these would be at the reception on the counter at eye level. Also, we’d recommend keeping a basket near your waiting area with a few of your best-selling products for customers to look at.

Educate your staff
It is so important that all of your staff are well educated on the products that you are trying to sell in your salon. If they are trained well and actively using or have good knowledge of the product, the more likely someone will buy the product and it won’t sound like it is being forced onto the customer.

Cross-sell products with services
A great way of boosting your retail sales is to link these with your treatments. Products such as cuticle balms, hand balms, and serums work really well. You can also tell your customers about products, such as the end of a manicure when applying cuticle balm and the importance of it to keeping nails healthy to capture your customers’ interest which may prompt them to purchase some of their own.

Make sure to partner with brands that you believe in and that you actually advocate. Try to avoid your average products that can be bought at places like supermarkets and give your customers a reason to come to your salon and buy products.

Send product refill reminders
Customers who have already bought products from your salon are likely to buy again. You can encourage this even more by sending your customers some product refill reminders. Another way of doing this is sending out marketing material to let them know of new partnerships with brands and similar products that you now sell that might be relevant to them and link to any treatments they have.