How to create the perfect salon atmosphere

1. In order to create the perfect setting, you will want to ensure that everything you need for the treatment is within the room before the treatment begins. This will ensure a relaxing atmosphere with no disruptions.
2.  If you offer refreshments in your salon, remembering their drink/snack order will make your client feel valued.
3.  Always ask if your client is comfortable/warm enough as this will improve their overall treatment experience. There is nothing worse than being too cold, especially at this time of year! To do this, you could invest in a heated blanket for clients whilst they are having their lashes or brows done, or a blanket whilst having their nails done.
4.  If you are performing a treatment that requires clients to have their eyes closed, do not leave them on their own. They may begin to feel uncomfortable and vulnerable as one of their senses has essentially been taken away from them.
5. Another top tip is to incorporate a small treatment into the one that you are carrying out. For example, If you are doing a treatment that you are having to wait to develop, why not offer a hand/arm massage? This allows the client to experience the treatments that they originally may not have thought about booking.