How to Create the Perfect Picture

The perfect picture can be hard to create but it is super important to do so as it is an essential way of showcasing your work to potential clients.

Before booking a treatment or service, people (ourselves included) tend to search the businesses’ social pages for treatment results. This helps them make an informed decision as to whether they wish to book an appointment.
We have noted 3 top tips to create the perfect picture

Good lighting
Good lighting is essential for the perfect picture as you want everything in the photo to be well-lit and visible. Natural daylight can also be your best friend to get the perfect shot.

Clean camera lens
Before taking any photo, we always recommend giving your phone camera lens a good wipe.
The camera can become dirty from transit/storage and will affect the photo quality.

Check phone camera settings
Particularly with an iPhone, camera quality can be changed within the phone settings – always check that these are how they should be to create the optimum photo.