How to Cope with Workplace Stress in the Salon

As humans, we get very stressed and studies show that the majority of our stress comes from the workplace. Well-being is so important and we want to help.

It is vital for us to recognize when we are feeling stressed and for us to learn how to help ourselves and our colleagues. We can do this by educating ourselves on stress and looking out for any changed behaviour in ourselves or our colleagues.

What are the symptoms of stress in the workplace?

According to the NHS website, these are the top signs and symptoms of stress:
– Headaches and/or dizziness
– Muscle pain or tension.
– Stomach problems.
– Difficulty concentrating.
– Struggling to make decisions.
– Feeling overwhelmed.

What are the main causes of stress at work?

Working out what is causing stress at work can be stressful in itself. It’s worth taking a step back and evaluating what could be causing you problems. Sometimes it’s not what is happening, it is your perception of what is happening (which is completely human and nothing to beat yourself up about!) We can deal with pressure fine some days but if you are already having a rough time and extra pressure is added, it can feel like the end of the world.

The Stress Management Society likens stress to a bridge. If weight keeps being placed on it, the bridge will collapse. You can either take the weight off or reinforce and support the bridge.

Stress Tackling Strategies

It’s critical to destigmatize and make sure that the workplace is clear that this isn’t a weakness or anything to be ashamed of. The best thing to do when feeling stressed is to make sure to let someone know that you’re struggling. This will help you get comfortable with communicating how you feel and help to open lines of communication with your colleagues.

Learn to say no
Help yourself find balance. Sometimes tackling stress can be as easy as saying no to extra tasks. This way you can spend quality time on your current tasks and keep your mind in check.

Taking a break and making sure your colleagues are also taking breaks is essential. In an on-demand salon environment, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself but you need to give yourself some time to have a breather and let your mind relax.

Sleep improvement
If you’re struggling to sleep at night, this will only add to your feelings of being overwhelmed. Try and set yourself a wind-down bedtime routine to increase your chances of getting sound sleep.

If you try different strategies and you are still feeling pressure, talk to your line manager or health and safety executive. They should be able to help you balance your workload and take away some of the weight.