Common Mistakes that can Lead to Lost Clients

We all make mistakes, we’re only human! But as beauty business owners, it’s so important to have your clients at the forefront of your mind, without your clients there is no business.

Here are some common mistakes that beauty businesses make that can lead to lost clients…

Not taking on feedback
Your clients want to feel heard and valued. If you’re not listening to their feedback, they may feel like their opinions don’t matter and this means that they will take their business elsewhere. Make sure that your clients know that you take them and their feedback seriously.

Lacking honesty
Your clients want impartial and honest advice from you when it comes to their treatments. By having honest conversations with your clients this will build trust and an open relationship which your clients will really appreciate.

Bad communication
Poor communication and not communicating important information such as prices and policies will put clients off. If you’re not clear about your prices, policies, and procedures, clients may feel like they’re being taken advantage of and they will choose to go somewhere else.

Lack of hygiene
Keep your environment clean and sanitary. This is a minimum requirement for clients as we all know that hygiene is key. Even if you are very busy or running late, your clients will appreciate that you are making the effort to make things clean and organised.

Neglecting your online presence
Unfortunately in this day and age, social media is the way forward (research shows this is now the main place that people find the services that they need!) It is definitely more than likely that clients will research your business before deciding to visit, if your online presence is messy, neglected, or outdated, this will put them off.