Benefits of Salon Retail

Retailing within your salon or workspace can be advantageous to any technician offering any type of treatment.
After every treatment, aftercare should be given to clients which will help to prolong and maintain treatments to their full potential until your client’s next visit.
Increase Revenue 
This however may seem pretty obvious, but retailing can really help increase revenue.
For example, with the Navy Cuticle Balm retail stand, you as the therapist purchase the balms for £4.86 per balm. These can then be resold for a minimum of £9.95 per balm.
This could earn you an extra £5.09 per client.

Helps to build trust between you and your client
As clients will already have some element of trust towards you by choosing you to carry out their treatments, this means they are more likely to listen to any recommendations or advice that you give regarding aftercare and any products that they should use for a post-treatment routine.

Encourages client retention
Studies show that every product sold to a client in your salon increases their return rate by 30% as clients don’t just purchase your treatments and or products. They purchase the benefits and results from them. If purchasing a Brow Glue will elongate their treatment wear time, they will most definitely return.
Retail product examples:

Navy Cuticle Balm

Nouveau Brow and Lash Serum

HD Brow Glue

OPI Cuticle Oil