Autumnal Salon Social Media and Marketing Ideas

Autumn inevitably gets slower and gappier compared to the summer months, and it can be quite tricky trying to navigate this when looking at your beauty business’s social media and marketing platforms.
Autumn is the season for change, so it’s the perfect time to give your social media and marketing that beautiful autumn boost!

Here are a few of our favourite autumn salon and beauty business marketing and social media ideas…

Use some autumn hooks
Jump on some autumn-themed events such as Halloween, Black Friday, and Pumpkin Picking Day, and create and market some content around these! It can help you give reason towards specific salon promotions as well as inject some lovely autumn vibes into your strategy.

Offer some autumn salon specials
Add values to some of your treatments to cater more towards the season by adding an extra. This could be something like complimentary mini microdermabrasion for facials, or some nourishing hand gloves whilst your client has a manicure, making your treatments a little more premium as a seasonal special.

Seasonal social media content
Why not add some beautiful autumn decor to your space and take some social content? This could be seasonal treatment pictures or reels, with the right hashtags on social media this kind of content gets super strong engagement and reach! Don’t forget to always add a call to action.

Partner up
Partner up with a local business for a season salon promotion! By budding up with another business you can coordinate your autumn marketing message and share resources, coming together to make some beautiful seasonal material.